What's Rooftop?

Rooftop is an API-first WordPress CMS. It’s WordPress, which you can deploy for your clients or users while developing in any language. You don’t need to make WordPress themes, and we can host all your content.

## What problem are we trying to solve?
There are very few situations where content management isn’t required for some aspect of a website, application, or mobile app. Traditionally, the Content Management System (CMS) was intrinsically linked to a website, so the developers needed to be able to develop in the same framework as the CMS was developed.

That’s OK, but it’s not a brilliant solution in our world of multi-platform, multi-language development. You have a .NET website which needs content, and you also need to use the same content in an iOS application. What d’you do?

The answer is to separate concerns. A CMS should only know about content. It shouldn’t care where it’s being used, or by whom. It shouldn’t be concerned with display, or user authentication, or any of the many other things CMSs traditionally did.

Enter the API-first CMS

An API-first CMS is responsible only for the content. That’s what we’re doing with Rooftop. If you’re a .NET developer, use .NET to build the site you want, and integrate with the Rooftop API to get your content.

Building a content-rich cross-platform mobile app? Rooftop is a great fit. Develop natively and pull the content from Rooftop to update the app. No need for hassle-filled app store submissions, or custom backends for making changes.

Rooftop isn’t unique: there are other API-first CMSs doing great stuff. But we’re the first to make WordPress easy to use for non-PHP developers, or people who want to use content in different ways. We’re also the first to open-source our code, so you can run Rooftop yourself if you want.