Open source vs Hosted

Find out about the differences between the open source and hosted versions of Rooftop CMS

Rooftop is totally open source, and you can set up and host your own copy. But you might find it easier and cheaper to host on our platform at

Common Features

Whether you're hosting yourself or we're doing it for you, you get access to the following:

  • Support on Github
  • Unlimited users, pages, posts, menus and other content items

You'll be responsible for setting up the hosting, making sure it's secure and up to date and configuring S3 to host your assets.

Hosted features

WordPress can be fiddly to secure and keep up to date. If you'd prefer to keep responsibility for that with us, our hosted and enterprise clients get:

  • Content delivery for assets (use your own S3 key or we'll host for you)
  • Security scans
  • Support by email and phone
  • Sales calls with your clients
  • Input on the development roadmap
  • Custom service level agreements if necessary

You can see more at