New in 1.2


  • improved: Updated WordPress core (which now includes WP-API in it)
  • fixed: Issues arising from WP-API being rolled into core
  • improved: Rooftop frontend theme now has pointers to the backend
  • added: Functionality for putting the site into disaster-recovery mode (set the WP_ENV to 'DR')
  • improved: Rooftop request parser now accepts GET querystring options in filter[] arrays or just as native querystrings
  • added: Duplicate post plugin so you can duplicate your posts to a new draft
  • added: Drag and drop pages or nested posts in the heirarchy
  • added: rooftop-network-settings, a network-level settings plugin which we use in the hosted version for some analytics
  • fixed: WordPress has changed the way it registers post types, so we've updated the content setup plugin
  • added: